Jacqui Warren Woz Designs Painted Furniture holding a paint brush painting furniture

I'm Jacqui Warren owner of Woz Designs Painted Furniture and Accessories. I paint exsisting furniture to blend with your interior design style. This could be a sentimental piece of furniture that has been in your family for a while, or a piece of furniture you would love to own.

Why choose upcycled painted furniture?

What makes it the ethical choice? 

• By investing in an upcycled piece you are not adding to a landfill. Up to 1.5m tonnes of furniture is thrown away in the UK every year.

• No trees were felled in its production, preserving rainforest habitats and fragile ecosystems. 

• Your piece, could have been made using handheld tools and in much smaller numbers. Therefore, far less power was taken to manufacture it, thereby reducing greenhouse gases and other carbon emissions. 

• When buying upcycled furniture, most people find the ideal piece of vintage furniture in their local area. Reducing transportation miles and carbon emissions. 

On a more individual level, I choose which products to use very carefully. For example, I only use products that have been manufactured in the UK, so brushes, paints and varnishes are never imported. Eco friendly options are of paramount importance to my furniture painiting business.

By buying vintage furniture locally, you are supporting your local community and artists. Buying from them helps to keep money circulating within the local economy. So, if you’re thinking of investing in an upcycled, eco-friendly, sustainable piece of furniture, bear in mind you're not just buying something beautiful for your home—you're investing in our planet for generations to come.